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Hello lovely lovely lovelies,

This is for any of you that are wondering what the F*** is going on with me.
You may know that earlier this summer I started recording my first album in Vancouver, Canada. I asked for your support and the results were absolutely mind blowing. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! We raised enough to get the project started with the recording process. I got to hire the right equipment, the right engineer (Braeden Rangno) and some fantastic musicians. I chose to self produce this project and although it took me a few days to find my feet, I quickly adjusted and I am very happy with the results so far.

So what's happening now?

I took a month off of thinking about the album so I could come back to it with a fresh approach, so that when I played what I had to my family and friends I could be detached enough to take their opinions on board and move forward in the most effective way. The album isn’t quite done. We are not far away from finishing the recording aspect but I think a few bits and pieces need to be added and taken away and a few songs need to be re-sung.

I am currently in Los Angeles looking to build a new North American team to help support me finish this album and to strategize the best way to release it. I have been lucky enough to have made a living from music over the last few years and I want that to be able to continue that so I am looking at all options at the moment. I am of course focused on getting myself as an artist out there as much and as loud as possible but obviously I am not limited to that. I am looking at writing opportunities and I am also considering dabbling in some production for a few projects. I would like to have my own studio one day. I would like to have my own restaurant and have a bunch of other business’s for which I have ideas. I think I have unique angles on how I can bring them all together and I am excited about that prospect. Of course some things are far down the line and I have to continue to be determined and patient.

I have struggled with patience in the past but I am doing my best as I build my North American team. Its not a process that can be rushed and I need to make sure that I find the right people that are behind me as much as many of you guys are! It will happen. I am meeting plenty of people in and around the industry and discussing all possibilities. So at this time I’d like to ask the same from you! It’s going to take some time to get the album right. It’s going to take some time to find more funding for mixing and mastering and to find the best people to execute it, but I do promise you something I will be proud of!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for still supporting me!


Sam x


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Just wanted to give you guys an update!

So far so good! We are right on schedule-ish!

The majority of the sessions have happened through the evening until the performances fade from our fingers and then I review during the day. The drums are completed and the bass is pretty much done. We managed to get that all recorded here but unfortunately there are grounding issues in this house which to my basic understanding means that anything electrical and with a speaker makes a loud BUZZZZ which means it isn’t recordable. Thanks to technology though we have a fairly portable set up so we are taking the studio downtown for electric guitars and the re-amping of the bass! We will be heading to a small local studio called Sugar Tits. I personally can’t wait to see the place. I think it will breathe a new energy into me and my performances on the electric guitar of course. After that is completed it will be back in the house to tackle acoustics, strings, pianos, vocals and other miscellaneous goodness. I will stream more… I promise. When there is action to share I will turn on that webcam. Nobody wants to watch us fiddle with wires and sounds.

There have been plenty of challenges so far but I have a fantastic teammate in Braeden (my engineer) and we are getting this record made even though some of the methods are a little unconventional at times! I can’t wait for the tracks to start taking their true shape!

I also want to just say another huge thank you to those that made contributions to the making of this album. You are a part of this experience everyday.

I am happy and trying


Sam x