Sam Bradley - Twitter Verification and Twitter Interview

To celebrate my verification on twitter (something that matters but doesn't really matter) I wanted to do a twitter Q&A!

It is where you write me a question and I reply to you!

The Q&A will take place on

Saturday June 1st @ 6:00pm GMT

The interview will last for about 30mins (probably will last longer... I'm not the fastest typer). All you have to do is ask a question and put @samueltwitt1 in your tweet. I will then do my best to reply to all of you!

A Few Rules and other things!

1. Questions must be of a positive nature! (I'll just ignore them if they are not)
2. Questions must be aimed towards me and my life! (If not they will also be ignored)
3. No limit to how many questions you can ask
4. Please keep the questions in English. My language skills are basic at best!
5. My favourite 5 questions will be put up in the news section on my website.
6. So I dont clog up everyones feed I will reply only. No RT's or Quoting.

Cant wait and I hope to see a few of you there!