Sam Bradley - England to Canada and the Making of an Album

I woke up in New York on New Years day with most of my closest friends around me. As an overly reflective individual I find that time of year quite life changing (if only in thought). I had loved moving back to England. I got to tour there and meet great musicians and get together an absolute kick ass band! I traveled to Scotland and Wales and I got to know the country in which I was born, a dream of mine that I will continue to fulfill. I have a great team behind me there. My Management and booking agent are absolutely wonderful. I recorded my EP “Not Your Kind” and sold it up and down the UK. I rented cars and slept in parking lots by the ocean. I drove through The Lake District and visited castles. I played venues that I had dreamt about playing. I sang my (little) ass off at every chance I got and began to build a following there which continues to grow.

London is truly one of the greatest cities in the world but you likely already knew that.

On a personal level, I was only ever a tube ride away from pals and I lived with my magnificent sister. My closest pub was a 20 second walk and the area that I lived in was scattered with family members. I was there for some very important moments that will never ever be replicated. I felt extremely privileged every morning that I woke and every evening before I would rest.

I couldn’t quite afford to live in London doing what I was doing as I am not prepared to NOT be a musician yet! I also missed North America. I missed touring there. I missed the sound that it brought out of me and I love receiving rewards for my efforts. I knew that I had to get back there if I was going to be able to continue to be a musician. I needed to expand again but first I needed new music.

So here is my plan…

I have moved into my mothers place in Vancouver, Canada for the time being. Twenty-seven and living in Mums basement (1 step back and 2 forward). She is about to head out on tour in a few weeks (You should go see a show!!! )
While she is away I will be turning the house into a studio. I have been here for a few months now and have been writing new songs (not all of them quite finished) and will attempt to make my DEBUT ALBUM! I have tried to make albums in the past but due to complications have reduced them to EP’s so I am changing my outlook and this project will have a more DIY approach. I am very excited to see and hear what happens.
I am going to try and come up with a few unique ways over the course of the next couple of months to try and raise a bit of money to get this project completed. My first idea is to eBay off my writing guitar so please keep an eye on twitter for when that happens!

You have all helped make this career possible for me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am improvising at the moment; I don’t really know what is going to happen exactly but I know that it will be achievable with your continued unwavering support.

I will be regularly updating on twitter, instagram, Facebook and vine making sure that you are on this journey with me 140 characters at a time!

I can’t wait to record and to tour it around the world.

Thank you

Sam x