Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Just wanted to give you guys an update!

So far so good! We are right on schedule-ish!

The majority of the sessions have happened through the evening until the performances fade from our fingers and then I review during the day. The drums are completed and the bass is pretty much done. We managed to get that all recorded here but unfortunately there are grounding issues in this house which to my basic understanding means that anything electrical and with a speaker makes a loud BUZZZZ which means it isn’t recordable. Thanks to technology though we have a fairly portable set up so we are taking the studio downtown for electric guitars and the re-amping of the bass! We will be heading to a small local studio called Sugar Tits. I personally can’t wait to see the place. I think it will breathe a new energy into me and my performances on the electric guitar of course. After that is completed it will be back in the house to tackle acoustics, strings, pianos, vocals and other miscellaneous goodness. I will stream more… I promise. When there is action to share I will turn on that webcam. Nobody wants to watch us fiddle with wires and sounds.

There have been plenty of challenges so far but I have a fantastic teammate in Braeden (my engineer) and we are getting this record made even though some of the methods are a little unconventional at times! I can’t wait for the tracks to start taking their true shape!

I also want to just say another huge thank you to those that made contributions to the making of this album. You are a part of this experience everyday.

I am happy and trying


Sam x